My Experiences

             I will use this page to document my encounters.  I might add to it when I have more to tell and I am comfortable telling it.

            The earliest abduction experience I can remember took place in 1967 when I was 10 years old.  I was in a round room with brown (maybe wood) paneling.  I was being held—supported—by two blue guys in black jumpsuits.  I started to freak out because even though my feet weren’t touching the floor, I couldn’t feel the weight of my body resting on their hands.  I started to kick and scream.  Another blue guy, who was on a slightly raised platform, came over to where the other ones were holding me.  He was so close to me, I could see the pores and creases in the skin of his face.  He put a hand on my forehead and I went unconscious.

            Unlike my other experiences, this one I don’t remember from the time it happened.  I remembered this several years ago when I played a song from that era, Lou Christi’s Lightnin’ Strikes.  It also made me realize why I hated Batman so much.  I also wonder if I’ve had experiences before this because I started hating Batman when I was around seven years old.

             I think it was the spring of 1968.  I was in a dark place with a man, slightly taller than me, who was wearing clothes made from a silver material.  All I could see was his arm.  He was a bit taller than me (I was ten years old) and my right arm was linked with his left arm.  This made my arm feel cold where it touched his as if his arm was siphoning the heat out of mine.  He showed me the metallic dresses that I liked from the Holliday issue (November, 1967) of Seventeen Magazine.  I thought they were for me.

            I was returned to my room that I shared with my mother.  I climbed over her and rolled over to my left side, facing the wall.  As I did this, I saw that the bedroom window was open about four inches.  I then opened my eyes.  I was on my left side.  I looked at the window and it was opened about four inches.  I then linked my mother’s arm with mine but it wasn’t cold like the silver arm from earlier.  Now I knew this wasn’t a dream.  Concerned but curious, I went to sleep.  The next morning I looked in my closet expecting to find the metallic dresses the man showed me but they weren’t there. 

            In the mid-seventies I was researching Men In Black cases that I had read in books (Barker, Keel, Steiger).  MIB cases with heavy paranormal overtones.  During this time, I had a series of three incidences, all involving painful injections to put me to sleep.  The first, all I can remember are hands with long fingers holding my arm while I’m injected.  The second, I saw my mother being taken down the stairs from our fourth floor apartment by two men in khaki overalls  Her head was slumped forward and I thought she was unconscious.  I was upset and began screaming “Where are you taking her?”  An Asian looking man gave me a painful injection in the back of my left arm and I went unconscious.  The third time I woke up in my bed to see three dark shadows up near my ceiling.  They were darker than the surrounding, dark room.  I felt pressure on my thighs.  I couldn’t move and, try as I did, I couldn’t get any sound to come out of my mouth.  Then I felt the pain of a needle go into the soft flesh under my chin and I fell asleep.

            I am very (I can’t stress this enough) very needle phobic.  In all three cases I fell asleep after the injection and when I woke up the next morning I had a small mark where the needle went in.  After this last incident I had lost all interest in reading UFO books until Communion came out.  I read it in spite of severe headaches and nightmares.

            In August, 1987, I was taken out of my building.  I was upright as though I was walking down the stairs but the movement was more like floating.  I felt very calm and detached and I now believe that I was in a trance.  There was a man behind me who was wearing a poorly fitted suit.  I think I looked over my right shoulder at him once.  His necktie was flying around a bit and he had no face.

            We were going to a car that was across the street from my building.  It was an old car from the 1940s or ‘50s with a round top (something like today’s P T Cruiser but larger), and was dark green to black in color.(Every time I’ve tried to draw that car, it comes out looking like a saucer with a dome.)  I got into the car.  The side windows had water on them but the front window was clear.  The vehicle began to move and went down the edge of the street until it came to where Terrace View Avenue met Teunissen Place.  Then it went over the low fence on the right and floated down to the athletic field of John F. Kennedy High School.  As it descended, it looked like the whole field was bright white.  I thought, “Isn’t that nice, snow in August.”  It wasn’t snow.  The field was flooded in bright white light.  There was someone on the field, dressed in a white suit from head to toe.  I knew what that suit was called but I couldn’t bring the word to mind.  Years later I could put the word to it.  It was a haz-mat suit, complete with hood.  I don’t remember anything after that.

            The next day I looked out of my front window.  It had rained a bit sometime during the night.  I could see a white line on the dirt across the street from my building.  The line went the same exact path that the vehicle took, right to the point where it went over the fence.  My mother came to the window so I asked her if she saw the white line (I needed a reality check).  She said she did.  I wanted to go down there and collect soil samples but every time I thought of doing that all I could think of was “You’re dead meat.  If you do that you’re dead meat.”  I chickened out.  It rained some more that day and the white line got washed away.

             In November 1988, I moved into the apartment where I’m living now.  In the mid-1990s I woke up one morning with a blood encrusted hole in my right arm.  It was surrounded by a swollen, reddish ridge that was slightly painful and itchy.  I went to my doctor who determined that it wasn’t infected but he didn’t have any idea what could have caused it. 

June 22, 2008, I woke up with a small hole on my right forearm above a really nice vein.  The next day I had to go to the clinic for a Bone Density Scan so I decided to stop by my doctor’s office to ask the nurse if that was a good vein to use for my next blood test.  You could no longer see the hole.  Now it was just a red spot.  The nurse said that was a great vein and there would be no problem using it to draw blood. 

July 10, 2008, in the early morning hours.  I was on the bus returning from Roswell and was somewhere between Pittsburg and Philadelphia.  I fell asleep several times.  One time, I felt that someone inserted a short tube into each nostril.  The tubes were each about one inch long and about three-quarter inch in diameter.  They were dark olive-green and felt slimy.  Each one had something that looked like a string and at the end of the string was a tiny ball.  I think I was told that these were to make sure I was still breathing.  I woke up in the bus but was still very groggy.  I rubbed my hands over my nose expecting to find the strings still hanging there but they weren’t.  These didn’t seem painful but they were gross I think because of the slimy feel to them.  I think they also had a smell to them but I can’t quite remember it.  I fell asleep again.

Another time, I was beginning to wake up but my eyes were still closed and it felt like I was being touched, possibly carried because I felt like I was moving and being jostled.  Then I felt like there was something pulled from my throat through my mouth.  I woke up and my throat and chest were hurting.  It reminded me of many years ago when I had surgery and had to be intubated.  I wonder if something like that had to be done during this abduction.  I fell asleep again.

This time I had a dream of a door and behind it was molten liquid.  It wasn’t just red-hot but white-hot as well.  I was told that I could close the door or I could open the door and let the molten liquid come flowing out.  If I decided to close the door I could still open it later.  It was all up to me.  I associated the red hot liquid with volcano lava but the white-hot liquid made me think of the smelting of metals.  The melting of the metals has to be done at a very high temperature.  The metals are mixed and the resulting metal is harder and stronger than the original.  This can be seen with gold where the pure gold (24 carat) is mixed with another metal.  This dilutes the gold (14, 12 & 10 carat) but the final metal is much stronger and more durable for the making of jewelry.  After I wrote this, I realized that this description could apply to hybrids, the usage of genetic material to make a more resilient species  I also think that the door and the liquid represent my memories because I’ve been wanting to remember more of my abductions.  This was definitely a dream but, at the same time it seemed to be much more.

Once I reached Philadelphia I was able to stay awake.  I think I was somewhere in New Jersey when I saw a new hole on my right arm.  It looked exactly like the one I had two weeks earlier and was over the same vein but in a different location. 

I’ve been trying to remember more and little by little more seems to be coming back to me.  I am standing, looking at the two small tubes.  There are two beings there; one in front of me, holding the tubes, and one in back of me for when I pull away.  They must have done this to me before because they know I’m going to pull away.

I feel like I know what the beings look like but I can’t remember at this time.  I do remember that they are taller than me and their heads are large.  Their attitude is callous and very matter of fact.  I don’t remember asking questions but I must have in some way because I got some answers.  I think the one in front of me told me that they have things to do (to me) at specific times and it’s going to be done (no matter what).  The small tubes were to make sure I was still breathing.  When I am laid down, the strings and the balls at the ends go out straight horizontally.  My breath makes the strings and the balls move back and forth, showing that I’m still breathing.  Of course, this makes me wonder why I am laying down and what are they doing that may cause me to stop breathing.

I don’t remember how the tubes got into my nostrils.  I remember the one in front of me was holding the tubes but I must have held them as well because I know they felt slimy. 

I’m having more of what seems like memories coming from the July 10 experience.  When the being in front of me handed me the small tube with the string and ball, he wanted me to insert it in my nostril.  He told me (in a strong, almost threatening, voice) that this was “to show compliance and cooperation” on my part.  At the same time, the being behind me was telling me (in a soft, comforting voice) that it was to make me “feel more comfortable and in control”.  I don’t think I heard them through my ears but that the words went right into my head because I could hear both of them completely at the very same time.  I didn’t have to switch my attention from one to the other.  That would have been difficult because I was feeling quite “out of it”.  I slowly put one of the little tubes into my left nostril.  I guess I wasn’t doing it fast enough because the being in front of me finished it by pushing it in fully.

The being in front of me was in charge.  The being behind me I think I have known for a very long time, possibly even from childhood.  His job is to get me through the procedures and he tries to make this as easy as possible for me.  I also feel that it is also his job to keep me safe while I am with them. 

I learned about “black light scans” from Derrel Sims when I was at the Roswell UFO Festival. He believes that ET abductors leave a fluorescent substance when they abduct people.  When I returned to New York, I bought a flashlight that had a black light with it.  They are easy to get at larger pet shops and are usually used to find dog and cat urine around the home.  I used it regularly each night, checking my arms and legs before I went to sleep and each time I woke up during the night to see if there were any changes.  On August 12, the scan showed a pink dot on my leg (about 2/3 inch in diameter) and a pink line running from it.  I took several pictures of it but the pink color did not show up.  It shows a fluorescence of light blue/green.  This was the second time a pink fluorescence showed under the black light.  A week or two before this, there was a pink dot on my ankle.  I did not take any pictures or make any notes.  I had been hoping that it was mouse urine.  I found out yesterday (October 20, 2008) that mouse urine will fluoresce blue or white but not pink.

 I felt a very strong presence on the evening of Monday, September 22, 2008. I was trying to remember more from my last abduction. I remembered what went on and the presence of the two beings that were there. They had two different personalities so there were two different presences. When I remembered this, it felt like their presence came into the room with me. I calmed myself down and just sat with it.  I didn’t feel afraid of it—I felt more awestruck and curious–but I was afraid that if I moved, I would disrupt something and the presence would leave.  It was there for about 10 minutes.  I distinctly felt it leave with a sort of “pop” as it exited but even after that there seemed to be a residual left with me.  After it left, I had such a craving for more. More time sitting with it, more contact with it, more finding out what it is.  I’ve never taken drugs but I imagine it was what a junkie feels during withdrawal.  All I could think was “Wow”. 

On Wednesday, November 12, 2008, I woke up and went to take my shower.  I noticed that the soap suds stung a small section on my right wrist.  I told myself that I would check it later.  I forgot to do that.  On Thursday afternoon, I had a flashback of what seemed to be a dream of one of the beings holding my right hand trying to give me an injection.  I knew what he was trying to do and I tried to pull away (I am terrified of needles) but it didn’t do any good.  Someone then held my right arm.  I think I calmed down a bit and I felt something sharp go into my right wrist.

After remembering this, I looked at my wrist and found a small hole above a vein.

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