My Attendant

When I was abducted on July 10, 2008, it turned out to be the most unusual and most profound abduction that I’ve had to date.  I feel that I learned a lot about these beings that are taking me and one of them I believe I’ve known since I was a toddler.  I don’t know his name so I refer to him by his job. I call him my Attendant because I believe he is supposed to get me through the procedures and to keep me safe.  

When I was a toddler my uncle would read Superman comic books to me.  I don’t know why but I felt that small drawing could come off of the page and be in the room with me and I felt he was my enemy.  I couldn’t see him, I couldn’t hear him, I just knew he was there.  One day when I was around four years old, I was jumping on my bed trying to hit the string from the ceiling light with my hula hoop when I felt his presence there with me.  I realized that Superman was no longer the size of a comic book drawing but reached all the way up to the ceiling.  But, again, I couldn’t see him, I couldn’t hear him, I just knew he was there.  I realized that someone that big, I had better make friends with.  After that, he was no longer my enemy. 

As I got older, the relationship changed.  Superman became Superboy, much closer to my age but still seeming much older and wiser.  I thought of him as my older brother.  His job was to teach me things so I could be ready for when Jor-El came back for me and my mom.  He also kept me safe from the evil Batman.  I believe Batman was symbolic for the small blue aliens that took me when I was a child.  In the comics, Batman’s mask was frequently colored blue.  This form of the relationship lasted until I was about 8 years old. 

In the early 1970s, I had a series of three dreams about a boy in a green turtle neck sweater.  He reminded me of James Darren’s character in The Time Tunnel.   In the first dream, I only remember seeing him.  In the second dream we were sitting in grass, perhaps in a park somewhere.  We were surrounded by many branches of blooming forsythia.  I was very frightened and upset.  I was crying and saying that I wanted to go back.  He said to me, “You can’t go back.  You can never go back.  Remember lemon yellow.”  I still have no idea what that means.  In the third dream, we were going to another planet to play with other children.  There was what looked like an amusement park or playground in that place.  When we got there a hairy being was guarding the gate.  He demanded that we give him something before he would let us through.  When the boy in the green sweater asked the guard what he wanted, the guard said in French, “Bleu, bleu.”  The green sweater then changed to a blue plaid camp shirt and the guard let us through.  After that, I always thought of the guard as “The Blue Monster”.

I knew that these were dreams but I’ve also felt that there was something else to them, something that was more than just a dream.  I thought that the boy in the green sweater might have been my Guardian Angel.  The song I associate with this time is Neil Diamond’s Until It’s Time For You To Go.  I felt as though I was in love with him and this made no sense to me because I knew it was a dream.  I have always felt that this was somehow related to my abductions even though I have no memories of being abducted around this time.  This was a very confusing period for me. 

I have no memories of my Attendant from that time until the abduction off the bus on July 10, 2008.  After that, I began getting what seemed like flashbacks of the beings especially the one who stood behind me.  He was tall and his body was very straight.  His legs, arms and fingers were long.  His skin was yellowish white with a sage green colon shaped pattern.  This pattern covered most of his body, even his neck.  He had a tube of flesh coming from the top of his head and curling around the right side of his head where we have our ear.

I’ve had what seem to be flashbacks of him helping me through a procedure and he tried to make it as pleasant as possible for me.  I’ve also had dreams of him.  In this dream he was a balding, middle-aged man in a business suit.  The presence I felt from him was the same presence I felt from the boy in the green sweater in the early ‘70s.

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