When I was taken in July, 2008, one of the most profound parts of it was the communications between me and my abductors. The communication seemed to take place on several levels of consciousness.

The first part I remember is getting answers to questions that I wasn’t aware of asking but they were definitely questions I would ask. For instance: One of them told me, “We have things to do and they are going to get done.” The question I would have asked is, “Why did you take me off a freakin’ bus?” And I probably would have screamed it in my very thick New York accent.

The other interesting part of this was that there was more to it than just what I heard in my mind. There were other words in the sentence but they seemed to come in through different levels. The whole sentence came through like this:
“We have things to do to you (not heard but known) and they are going to get done (with an even deeper sense that these things had to be done at a specific time).”

The other part was when the two beings were communicating with me at the same time. After trying to get me to take part in what was being done to me, the being in front of me said, “it is to show compliance and cooperation.” The being behind me (the one I call my Attendant) was saying, “it is to make you feel more comfortable and in control.” These were both being said at the same time and I could hear them fully, at the same time. I never had to focus my attention on one or the other.

Another thing I noticed was the “voice”. If a third person were to hear you and me talking, they would be able to distinguish who was who by the sound of our voices. Our voices would be different. These two beings had the same sound to their voices. The way I could tell them apart was by the tone. The being in front of me had a strong, almost threatening, tone. My Attendant behind me had a soft, comforting tone.

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